Competencies Assessment (Assessment Centres)


Lately there has been a important increase in the competencies investigation, which has provided significant contributions to the business field, associated largely with the develop and optimization of Human Resources processes. Competencies are individual underlying factors, which are related to a number of skills, behavioral tendencies, knowledge and attitudes that explains the effective and successful performance in work environment.

Its features are:
1. They are permanent.
2. They find its way out when the employees execute a task related with their job.
3. They actually caused the work performance, not only are related with it.
4. They show themselves up in several activities.

  • The possibility to diagnose competencies in a company, implies the possibility to know which behaviors, attitudes and skills are required to be successful as a employee in it, providing the necessary information to create the different job profiles to the Human Resources department. Likewise it allows them to make the correct matches position-employee, according with the competencies related with each position.
  • In addition, the correct competencies diagnose allows you to design developing plans to your employees, in order to increase their competencies level when they are very low or nonexistent.