About HRMedinet

Is an automated tool which allows to easy and quickly perform organizational climate assessments, supported by web technology and the best practices of the technological world.

We are a Venezuelan corporation formed by Psychology, Psychometric and Computer’s professionals, who combine their knowledge and efforts to offer innovating services.

It has no restrictions when it comes to the number of users and the geographical location, and it can also be used on computer equipments and mobile devices for a better flexibility/ to improve its flexibility/ for maximum flexibility.

HRMedinet has a strong statistical analysis module which will allow you to obtain as much information about your company’s assessment as possible, avoiding additional consulting costs for the interpretation of results along with the necessary recommendations for the performance of the actions that your corporation requires.

We support the environmental conservation since all of our reports are electronic, not a single sheet of paper is required during the measurement process.

Global scope

Will allow you to have an overview of your organization. Through using streetlight analogy, you will be able to identify your company’s strengths and hotspots, to review each office, region or country analysis, and also to apply new measurement surveys when you need it.

Automated data collection

You decide when to apply a test - It is easy and simple. Just select an option and the system prepares instantly an evaluation and sends it to the people you want to measure. Once the application form is completed, the information is stored in our servers and processed automatically.

Automated analysis

With its powerful statistical processing module, the data analysis is performed by the application and completely online, identifying the significant factors affecting your company’s climate.

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