Laboral Climate


Measures of Laboral Climate allows you to set strategies that optimize productive behavior in employees, helping the employees to work enthusiastically and effectively. The results that you could obtain trough this kind of assessment, allow you to understand the actions and reactions of employees in their work environment, as well as their responsibility, commitment, productivity and respect for the rules and policies of the company.

Recently, Perez de Maldonado (2004) argues that the work environment or organizational environment can be understood as a "socially constructed phenomenon, arising from individual-group interactions- laboral conditions, and results in a meaningfully experience both individual and as a group, because what belongs and occurs in the organization affects and interacts with everything in it. Laboral Climate are precisely the result of these interactions, that occur in a dynamic, changing and emotional way".


Specifically, applying a measurement of Laboral Climate, allows companies to:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in the work environment.
  • Have qualitative and quantitative indicators of the main processes and human management variables.
  • Identifiy critical points that require priority attention.
  • Identify the focus of the weaknesses that the organization can present